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a type of art style that combines the simplicity of the calarts style with the realism of anime, using an art style that is smooth with thick eyelashes and overly shiny hair and sometimes eyes it was first seen on deviantart in the early 2010s but had a slow start due to fandoms like bronies and homestuck being popular around 2012, the art style wouldn't see mainstream use until the mid 2010s (around 2014-2016) through a resurgence of animation memes, speedpaintings, fanart and other youtube/deviantart material such as planet dolan, kittydog, and other furry and anime fan creations online, thanks to games like five nights at freddys and gatchaverse this art style has some mainstream use today and soon may be the future of 2d animation
oh great its that calanime style on deviantart again

girl: i know how to draw good, (draws a calanime style drawing using her drawing tablet)
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by baliebox4916 August 15, 2019
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