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A Holiday created by Mary Roach on January 25th 2002. The week before Jan. 25th you must spread the Holidays cheer by telling everyone the date, who created it, and that you must eat a mass amount of cake. The day of the holiday you must 1. Either make a cake... or 2. Have a friend make it for you. You cannot buy the cake unless the cake is to be shared with more then 6 people. Cake power day is supposed to bring fellows and lovers together, even enemys. But more importantly to celebrate the creation of cake. Most would say "Thats what your birthday is for!" but in reality you are celebrating somones birth not the cake. According to Mary Roach to have your birthday on Cakepower day means badluck on that day for you forget to appreciate Cakepower day.
"Happy Cakepower day! Eat lots of Cake!"
by Mary Roach February 07, 2005
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