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We are Cajun hitmen. Anyone want to promise us big money? We'll whack off Donald Trump and Mike Pence on their visit to Cameron Parish, Louisiana. We got to get out there and make sure we get a good vantage point and shoot them dead. we'll shoot all the police and bodyguards first, and then fuck off.

It's only a 2 hour drive from where we live. Got to do it, go to make it perfect. We will be wearing certain things to conceal our identity. we are cajuns and are thinking of assassinating this fucker. It's no big deal to us. We are Catholics and are also against capitalism and civilization. Somebody has got to get someone out there to whack that asshole. It might as well be some of us. Blow his fucking head off, we've got plenty of shotguns. We've changed our minds on the issue and believe that the Federalists may actually be a good thing and helping our cause more than Trump. let them (non-cajun people) drink kool-aid. (unless they respect us ofc)

we go to sleep and take amphetamines in the morning and then drive out there, and wait until Trump and his Trump gang come around. Trump is too irresponsible to be involved in OUR (Cajuns) business and is not welcome down here. dont miss this chance! (if he comes back to louisiana if we dont kill him this time, we may try again.)
We're planning to whack Trump if he comes to Louisiana state. email us at in order to make some deals. Cajun hitmen- high money, better be a good deal. anyone who gets in our way with this assassination attempt will be killed. u've been warned. u better not snitch and we wont snitch on u. and the money better be brought back. end
by badass cajun resistor May 13, 2019
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