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Derivived from such films as "Team America", Caitriin is the Asian term for Caitlin. The pronounciation may also apply to Lana aka "Rana" and Luisa aka "Ruisa". Used mostly by hyperactive Monte school girls, Caitriin embraces the name as though it were her own - secretly, she wishes it was. Depending on how annoying the employer of the word feels they want to be, the letter 'i' may be increased as to emphasise Asian tone.
"Caitriin, you are so sexy, marry me?"

"And the winner of Asian personality of the year is Caitriin!"

"Person 1: Who is this person passed out on Saki?"
Person 2: Oh, it's just Caitriin"

"Caitriin loves her friends, especially the anty ones."

"Caitriiiiiiiiiiiin, are we there yet?"
by Caitriin July 23, 2006
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