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She is described as a cutie (but not as cute as Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey, Gandhi, or Ceaser Chavez). She taste like beef ramen noodles. She is very stupid at times but her family is SO awesome. She is a goody two-shoes, always obeying her parents but holds grudges for years. She is good at everything except soccer, making peanut butter and jellys, monopoly, and doing realistic art. She is stupid and she is a heartbreaker and hates to cry for some weird reason. She will be rich one day and buy gallons and GALLONS of ice cream. She has green eyes and wears a STOLEN fluffy jacket. She betrays her friends but she's still alright I guess. Also she is super mean and annoying. She is super fun to be around and SUPER weird. She is never open to try to things and is the dumbest person ever. She is so sexy, but she always put's salad in my wounds. She acts like she's innocent but she is 'innapropriate' at times. She over-reacts all the time and has anger issues. She loves to read books. She gets really obsessive over books, shows, and bands. She loves Nutella and is always hungry. Some things it's just better if she didn't know and she always seems to have led on her face. Overall, she is super thicc (almost as thicc as mr castleberry)
Caitlin Marie Rogers is the hottest person alive (but not as cute as Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey, Gandhi, or Ceaser Chavez of course)
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by my6000lblife January 13, 2018
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