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A user of a sprawling art site (such as deviantART), who keeps asking other artists for requests, often compiling entire lists, hardly ever showing any gratitude and instead blandly asking for more and more while not making any art themselves. To add to the pathetique they attribute their intense desire to an addiction and a bad childhood.

Named after a now deactivated deviantART user - cagepower - who fell under that very description and still keeps coming back under new usernames, much to the dismay of the informed and bad luck of generous n00bs.
dA user #1: Hi. Can you draw my fancharacter in this pose?
dA user #2: Sure. *a few days later* Here ya go.
dA user #1: I made three new fancharacters. Can you draw them all together?
dA user #2: Umm... I only do one request per deviant?
dA user #1: OK. *the next day* Hello. Is my request ready yet?
dA user #2: ...
dA user #3: Don't listen to him, #2. He's a cagepower.
by neongecko06 October 20, 2010
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