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Cactus fuck is when a girl or guy or possibly both has forgotten to shave their pubic / public hair after it has come to a stubble and yet still decide to place ones floppy nugget / penis into the others corn hole or meat cove / b hole-vagina and the hair stubble feels like cactus quills on your cock resulting in the loss of skin and blood yet still some how fun.
Hey Becky did you see the way that Steven is walking today? Hilda told me that she snuck the old Cactus fuck in on Steve last night. His juicer must look like the inside of a Iraqis car after a firefight.. she told me that when they woke up in the morning his cock was glued to the bed sheets with blood. Ewwwwaaahhh
by Fluffy chub January 20, 2017
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Holding a cactus plant or part of a cactus that resembles a penis close or up to the pelvis while clothed and moving the pelvis area like you are humping a person and/or an object. Another succesful way to cactus fuck is to move your hand around but not touching any part of the cactus in the motion of masturbating
Cactus Fucker- Haha Look. What does this look like?

Friend- Eew stop cactus fucking!
by Kameroon June 20, 2009
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