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A nickname/term of indeerment you would call your pet or anything cute.Pronounced "Ca-ca-roo-chee-da" and may alternate with the ending "ta" instead of "da" Derived from the word "Cockroach" but has been basterdized to sound 'cute' and European sounding. The name has evolved from "Cacaroach" to "Cacarooch" to "Cacaroochy" to the final "Cacaroocheeda" It is commonly put into a song form, sung to your dogs/animals. "Cacaroocheeda number One, and Cacaroocheeda number two!"
Look at that cute little Cacaroocheeda! I just wanna sqeeze him he's so cute!
by Cacaroocheedanumber1 December 07, 2008
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