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Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Is the worst place you could go in a small weekend vacation, just for short hookers with no teeth and beer that costs 7 bucks and if you go into the movie theaters you;; be charged 5 bucks for the movie that you probably wont be able to hear because of the 4 year old kid with his 16 year old mother.
Cabo Rojo is full of wannabe skaters and lot of hard core rocker bitches, you'll see little girls with more make-up than your grandma and boy who are so religious they masturbate for the priest.
"Hi Carlos where are you going?"
"Oh no where just gonna go buy some weed from that 76 year old woman"

"Cabo Rojo, PR is fucked up"
"I know dude, some kid payed his teacher with weed and he passed"
by CGerman January 21, 2008
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