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A distinctively unique Performance based Theater/Dance/Musical Camp in the Green Mountains of the Mad River Valley, Vermont.

Started by Mariam Bibilouri (Tbilisi, Georgia) and Shaina Taub (Waitsfield, VT) in 2005, with Corina Riggs (Tuscon, AZ) joining forces in 2006, this all girl day camp strives to bring artistic growth, musical knoweldge of diverse spheres and genres, Urban and classical dance (including Yoga, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and West African) and finally, obscene amounts of ridiculous antics melded with wild heaps of FUN to the youth of the Mad River Valley.

The limits are none
The campers and teachers are crazy
The final orginial Cabaret is off the chain
The alumni are off the chain
The experience is unparallelled

*Mom, guess what we did today at Cabarizzaaay!???
*Honey, should I make the check out to Cabarizzaaay with two or three Z's?
*Dude, put the shiz back on the stagizzle so we can go to the tiz and re-run the shiz up in the Cabarizzaaay, got it izzay?
*Where is Dot Gov and Browser, our Cabarizzaaay mascots?
by Mariam Bibilouri August 11, 2007
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