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The real cougars of CV (aka the cougs of Castro Valley, CA). Hold on to your young husband, this vicious pack of cougars of cougars will sniff out and devour the young, strong, and willing. With a carnivorous prowess they can smell young cock with in a 4 mile radius. Using young hot female cubs at bait, and without hesitation they will use the man for sustainable energy turning them only younger and more aggressive towards their innocent pray.

The only kryptonite known to be able to stop these wild cougs is to most known as "the beaver dam" aka their children.

Running off only alcohol, popcorn and Marlboro lights, these cougs can stay up until the early morning patiently tracking and stalking their pray. When cougs of different packs appear, trouble can be smelled from miles around. Never looking to fight for their food, the coug will generally show a passive aggressive behavior, resulting in the opposing coug to cower and walk away to hunt another day.

Never one to give up the CV coug is an impressive beast of mother nature.

the famous sayings surrounding these amazing specimens are true and young men should beware. It's not safe out there.

"mama dont let your babies grow up to be coug prey"
"the coug ate my baby (only said in an Australian accent)
"Those CV cougars at Krayons were bad news last night mannn, I tell you what, there was popcorn everywhere and the smell of Marlboro lights in the air, I should have known we were being stalked. And i can't find Dan, where the fuck is Dan? All we found was one of his shoes, a trail of popcorn and a little blood. I think we were CV coug'd lat night boys. "
by Team CV cougs July 18, 2013
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