1..CUZICAN: (because I can)
Has dual and yet simple meanings,
: cocky, audacious,bold, brassy,Rude boldness,obnoxious

2..CUZICAN: the ability to do so,wherewithal,,in a loving way, ,doing for others without judgementor reservation, sufficient ability,pure love,acceptance
1.."you know why I'm gonna bank this shot 3 rails instead of just shooting it straight on? CUZICAN.

1..why do u seem to go out with so many girls? CUZICAN

1.. why do you think you can butt in line? CUZICAN
2. You let that lady just sit there and lie to you, and you still talk with her?? CUZICAN

2...but you done have anything left for yourself, you gave it all away and you aint mad?? why?? CUZICAN
2... why did you stay to help and not asked to get paid. CUZICAN
by That referrals guy June 30, 2012
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