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Is a Mexican American street gang
The history of the gang dates back to sometime around the 1960s, and many consider them to be the largest and most active gang on the West side
Even though soutsiders, the gang's street hood color is red
The notorious Culver City gang has gained notoriety for a fierce series of violent encounters with rival Latino gangs and African Americans
n also has been targeted with a gang injunction since 1999.
Their main territory being around the Mar Vista Gardens Housing Projects,as well as Slauson Ave n Kinston Ave
The Culver City 13 gang was responsible for the 1993 Thanksgiving firebombings of African-Americans homes and cars
by gang pratol May 08, 2008
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A Southside gang which is considered the Most biggest gang on the Westside. The Gang started in the 60's. They originally started in The Mar Vista Gardens Housing Community. They have fierce battle with their Rivals Venice 13 known to them as Vergas also with Santa Monica 13 known to them as Smacks and with Sotel 13 known to them as Sokas and aslo with Venice Shoreline Crips known to them as Verga Shoelaces Crabs and also with the 18st gang specifically the Alsace locos and smiley locos.They all can be found Wearing Cincinnati Reds hat.

Project Locos PLS: The Clique mainly operates in the Projects They might be found wearing The Pitsburgh Pirates hat or the Philladelphia Philles Hat
Diablos DBS: The Clique is made up of older Gang members
Little Locos LLS:The Clique is made up of younger members
Kinston LocosKLS: The Clique is active in the street called Kinston Ave. right behind the shopping center Target.they might be found wearing the Kansas City Royals hat but in Red.
Slauson Locos SLS: The Clique is active in the street called Slauson Ave. they might wear the Saint Louis Cardinals hat.Slauson Ave. is right next to the Mar Vista Gardens Projects.
Winos WNS: unknown data
Overland Gangster OG's: Mainly active in The main st. Overland in Culver City. The street is also near Kinston.
Pee-Wee Locos PWLS: This Clique is a recent Clique and has younger gang members.
Project Boys PJBS: This Clique is also recent and is active in the Projects also.

Taggings: Culver City 13 or X3 CEXCE 13 or X3 or CXC. Their are many ways to tag the Gang.

Homie im from big bad ass Culver City 13. CXCITY 3CE all day everyday ese!
by C-city April 10, 2009
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