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CTLA stands for Career and Technical Leadership Academy. This school is located in North Carolina. CTLA is a private high school that normies who think they are special go to. This school accepts a very limited number of students, although many students who are accepted are eventually kicked out or dropped from the school for their lack of performance. Many fools and plebes who do not go to CTLA commonly mistake it for CLTA. This is very disappointing and if you do this, you are an utter disappointment. If you want to go to this school, truly think about it.

CTLA also has a large amount of weebs.
by Timmy Thickington August 17, 2019
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CTLA, Cloud Teaching Learning and Assessment, a method of describing online learning in the the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to bring remote learning to the masses.

This was first mentioned by Dr Sage Lal during COVID 19 Epademic.
To understand CTLA you must think of teaching methods not practiced in side the class.

CTLA is moving away from defacto style teaching, learning and assessment to imagine a classroom in the ethereal.
by Dr. Gallesa March 31, 2020
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