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Two random idiots on the YouTube who post videos of there daily life to any random perv idiot no life on the internet whos gonna watch it. They use misleading Titles that are ALL CAPED and have a very misleading thumbnails. (Kinda like every other crappy famous YouTuber). People that dont have a life and sit at home on their computer 24/7, watch it, (retards). They upload a video every fucking day of the year cause their fags. They also get dumbass intros done by random fuckers that are normally got animation and a cheesy song to go along. They have 2 fucking dogs, BIG DEAL. They walk around the street holding a camera to their face looking like a retards while people stop and stair at think how dumb they look. Their fans are kinda like Shaytards and RWJ cuntholes. They will stand up for CTFxC at all costs.
Title - "HOT ASSES ON MIAMI BEECH" Day 85999585. 6/8/2010"

*Holden camera at face talking about the burger he ate for 10 minutes*

Summery = CTFxC SUCK
by Cormac313 July 28, 2011
Happy St. Patties Day!