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When a group of grown men convene at one of their parents houses to play the popular Call of Duty Modern Warfare game. This is usually performed in a 2v2 split screen format with an improvised screen divider in place as to avoid the otherwise inevitable screen-watching.

However, it has been known for the participants in the COD-fest to bring along their own TV's and games consoles and for the game to be played across the LAN, thus removing the need for a screen divider and therefore affording the gamers the luxury of a full-screen view, as opposed to a quarter of the screen.
"Alright squire, you fancy sorting out a COD-fest tonight?"
"Yeah, we'll do it at mine, my Dad is out tonight, probably meeting one of his 'aquaintances', give the others a ring and sort it out."
by Darth-Nader February 28, 2010
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when someone spends a long period of time playing any Call Of Duty video game. This can be done alone or with a group of people.
I had a huge codfest at my place last night!
by popmalex September 02, 2010
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