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Tuff guy. Hot shot. Ladies Man. Sexy as hell, yet soft as a marshmallow. Says the most cheesiest pickup lines, but the most romantic quotes. Can make any girl fall on her knees, if he really wanted to. Trys way too hard, but succeeds way to much. Has a way of making every awkward moment hilarious. When he kisses you, he makes you feel beautiful and on top of the world. on top of all the other girls. The other girls are jealous to see you be with him. When he calls you a name like "cute", you automatically want him more.. kinda like a magnet. Not just cause of his looks, but cause of his bad-boy personality. He has such a light loving touch, its addictive. He has a clever way of persuading you to do things, feel things even when you're not suppose to feel them. He has a way to blow your heart up with confusion, and love. A way to get something he wants back. CFlanch is the most incredible person you will ever meet, if you really know him. When hes away, you really fuckin miss this kid.
CFlanch is like: Jar of pickles
Roller coaster
by YButch June 01, 2011
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