A shitty website where the "journalists" try to be cool and trendy by shitting on other people's hardwork
Did you see that CCN article about BTS? They said they were the worst boyband in history because they can dance
by minsuga us a genius February 9, 2020
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Chyeah Chyeah Nigga! - expression of agreement or delight, used by real niggas.
1. Real nigga #1 - "Tryna hit up some bitties tonight?"
Real nigga #2 - "CCN!"
Real nigga #1 - "Aight, let's get it!"
Real nigga #2 - "CCN!"
by PudaJHouSomeRealNiggas November 13, 2010
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chris castrova nose
dammmnn, his nose is so abnormaly strange and large! he has a CCN!
by Marcy SnoopDog December 15, 2010
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Tash: Why are you so tired?
Lok: Couldn't sleep last night. CCN.
Tash: Ah.
by Dr Maarkan May 9, 2008
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