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A condition brought about by the chafing of male parts on underclothing, such as compression shorts or underpants, which usually occurs during long runs. It is characterized by:

- Rubbed-raw feeling

- Small amounts of blood

- Intense Discomfort of the dick

- Burning/Itching of the dick
Robert: Hey Josh, how are you feeling after that 1&1/2 mile warmup, all-out mile and 1&1/2 mile cooldown?

Josh: Awww man my dick is on fire, I think all the running got CCDCC (Cross Country Dick Chafing Condition)!

McCottonatle: Me too! Awww man its like my dick's in an oven with porcupines!
by HL_Sportaliogist_Man August 15, 2010
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