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One of the finest shores in new jersey. Cape may pointers are basically only for the rich people to go down there. The lowest house on the market is either 1 million or 1.5 million. If you are a renter at the point, no one that has a house down there will talk to you. Teenage girls and boys are very very extremely snobby to renters, because of being locals.They think they own the town. Teenagers can walk to the circle at night and hang out with their friends. There are over 5 beaches on a street. Kids can walk to the general store and just hang out. Riding bikes is the most fun to do, especially if you ride into cape may and go shopping in the square. Cape may and cape may point are known for their houses, being so beautiful, antiquish and there use of colors, using bright colors to pop ones eyes. Teenage girls like to go to the cove during the day, about 50 hott surfer boys are there! Go to cape may point even for a week! every body nos each other so its great!
teengirl renter;;ahh so many hott guys down in cape may point!
teengirl owner;;yea, there owners as well, us locals usually stick together.

local teenage guys and girls have their group, they wont let renters in.
by sara101044 January 27, 2006
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