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The greatest Northern California DJ you will ever meet in your entire life. Does big things such as party with stars you will only meet if you have the chance to hang out with this great one. Bows to no man for the stature of this man is to great to measure even by the size of the oceans. This music that come out of this mans speaker make lesser men faint and all women wet themselves in matter of minutes at the tantalizing sounds this man puts forth. Lastly, do not try to measure the Swagg of this great one for he does not have any. There is yet to be a word invented for what he is. The closest thing that you can say when you see him is Epic Awesomeness.
Girl #1: Did you see C40 the other night at the club?
Girl #2: No all i felt was the feeling that i was on Ecstasy.
Girl #1: It was Epic Awesomeness!!
by Chad Odinson August 20, 2011
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C-40:the illegal drug known as crack or cocainecocaine;the act of smoking cocaine
"Yea,dude waz so high off dat C-40,he missed class."
"She be gettin that C-40 from the niggas off the corner"
"Naww man.I can't be smokin that C-40,my mama will be on my jock!"

"Yea, you know them niggas be doin the C-40"
"Jessica told me that the cops buted them dudes for doin that c-40"
by Neta &KeeKee July 02, 2007
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