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Can of Whup-ass Team:

A Super Bad-ass Team that is called upon when extreme situations arise. Usually reserved for Prison riots and civil unrest. When all else fails the police and military call on this elite team of super bad-asses to come and settle the score. The only equipment this team uses is 8, 12, 16, 24.oz of cans and sometimes 55 gallon drums of whup-ass. Once they're given the go-ahead to move in and take care of business , there's no going back. All pent up rage and anger has to be satisfied. Depending on the ounces used, .oz is multiplied by 3.14 equaling the time duration of Ass whupping. This could go on for hours, days, weeks or months maybe even Years.
It's getting out of control, call in the C.O.W. Team!
by Sage Guardian January 26, 2015
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