This word is used in an attempt to "be professional" about calling someone a cunt.
She just lied about me; she's such a C biscuit.
by Podacy January 23, 2009
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1) Used to describe someone who is cock blocking or preventing one from getting ass.

2) Can also be used in the noun form when referring to the movie Seabiscuit during the cock blocking process. This is used if you want someone to stop being a cock block.

Also can be used as the adverb C-Biscuiting
1) Andrew, I was about to get my hump on with that girl but you were being a freakin C-Biscuit!

2) (Bill is interrupting your mac attack on this smoking hot chick... interrupt him back like so)

Hey Bill, have you ever seen the movie C-Biscuit? Yeah.. it's a really great movie...

(Bill gets it, walks away, you get the girl and have the best sex of your life. BOOM!)

3) You were C-Biscuiting hardcore last night every time I was talking to chicks you asshole!
by TouchingAlltheCandy May 17, 2011
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Derived from the word “Seabiscuit,” C Biscuit is a cuter, more direct and personal name that famous musicians bestow upon their number ones, or top bitch.

It is a nickname given out of endearment. The girl must be beautiful, cute, quirky, intriguing, and chill, and NOT a groupie or hoe.
C Biscuit has respectively earned her way to be the number one girl a celebrity musician chooses to be with; given the open relationships they often have, this is a great compliment.

C Biscuit is loyal; a trooper, and a ride-or-die bitch that the musician who originally bestowed this nickname upon her- and it instantly became her permanent, perfectly suitable respected name around close music industry friends- which is a great compliment and way of showing love by naming her a C Biscuit and accepting the name as her own.
“What’s up, C Biscuit?? Whatchu doing? I’m having my driver come pick you up in 15 minutes so we can go to The Spot and the studio.”
by CBiscuitandD October 14, 2021
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