its like a trick a female that sleeps around with anyone and will do whatever she needs to, to get what she wants.
Similar to a prostitute
Mark:yo ima go find me a byrd (bird) tonight
Pugsley:iight yo u might need a lil bit of that crack or have your money ready
Mark:hook me up
by iiKeepiiTG June 1, 2007
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A ghetto , obnoxious,(usually) girl. this girl usually doesn't give a damn about where she is and how she speaks. she/he is usually uneducated sounding, walks funny, loves to foint her finger and flings her arm and hands around as she speaks, her shoulders moves around as if she was masauging them,and almost always has a stank facial expression. she/ he would probably be nesting in the hood. she also can be associated with being a skeet.
location: the public (city) bus
moet: yo wat is nucca?
naquasia: nothin' jus trynna ca'all dis nigga cuz i need
some money. i tol his dumb ass to ca'all me last nite that dumb b*. he stay callin me early for dat punani tho.
moet: damn quasia you madd loud. your such a byrd (bird)!
by J. Nakiera December 19, 2006
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