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This word refers to all those lovely, darling, teen beaten, numb nutteried, hayfevery captained, mind controlled, brilliantly deducted fans of that crossed-eyed actress Amanda Bynes.

Her fans, as they so eloquently retard on a popular 'database', display what can best be described as 'the people with banana shit coming out of their mouthes'. Hence, the word, bynaners. Coming from latin: by- meaning meat by product, -nan which is a misspelling of the word non, and -er meaning those who play jock hard with no helmets.

Opposition to this talent qween is semi-recommended, as it will be met with super teen beat logic about how funny she is, how c is for cookie, how so funny she is a dancer she is, and why for how come why she isnt with -er whoever zombie actor boi.

Her fans love marmo-lade, getting marmo-laid, giving first aid, ymca'ed, enemas, eating tweek cake, cheerleadery, inane horsetalkery, and panty sniffing.
'if you just finished watching your 10th hour of whatever nickelodeon programmming was playing, then talk for another 10 hours on a pink and diamond encrusted cell phone, you might be a bynaner-neck'
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