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beer mixed with wine to counteract the carbonation in the beer and for people who just don't wholly enjoy the taste of wine, making this an overall much more chuggable drink and is at times quite desirable for drinking games such as hockey and kings where you need to chug constantly
Hey, can I get a cup full of bwine for my friend over here?" "You bet, I just mixed up a prime batch!
by Bobbo Christ April 19, 2011
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Boiled wine and Buckley's cough syrup. A drink made popular in the Southern United States. Mostly made by youth or people with little money, The cheaper the wine, how long you let it it boil for etc makes certain differences in the taste and how it affects you.
"Yo cuz, I'm straight sippin' on dat bwine..."

"I'm fin to get bwunk off that bwine"
by bobbywham October 11, 2007
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