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Real name of an alcoholic beverage that Americans (and only Americans) refer to as "beer".
The name was supposedly chosen to better reflect the original taste.

Originated from Postal 2.
Jeez dude, you call that beer? That cat piss tastes like Buttgeyser!
by MasterJoe August 13, 2006
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the splash that enters your butt due to your sphincter not being fully closed, once you drop a hefty turd
"john took a solid dump, one of the turds was so big it gave him a butt geyser"
by Vladboy11 November 20, 2011
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The act of filling up ones anus with a fluid, typically water from a hose. Then releasing the water like a geyser upon an unsuspecting victims head.
I stuffed cheese curds into my ass hole and then with a medically issued super soaker and careful precision I received an injection of One love Kombucha into my anus. Then during an ugly sweater party, many months later, I pulled down my pants spread my butt cheeks and with the the force of old faithful I shot my cheese curd laced kombucha turd Butt Geyser all over the head of one special party goer ronnathan blox.
by Mr. Richard-Finger Tongue October 31, 2015
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