Double clicking the left mouse button extremely fast with both of your fingers in order to achieve 17-23 clicks per second. Usually used in the minecraft pvp community.
i was faulse banned for the reason of autoclick. I didn't even cheat or something. I want an unban because it was not fair that I was banned I was just butterfly clicking. SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE MOST RETARDED THING I HAVE EVER HEARD just because i got banned by your anticheat I HAVE TO BE A PVP HACKER! this is so sad lmfao.
by Unique_Guy May 7, 2019
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Butterfly click is a 2-finger clicking method used by PC gamers to get high cps(clicks per second)
This is a phrase to say get beaten/destroyed

Phrase Creator: Lemmy23
Friend1: *loses a bet*
by June 20, 2023
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