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Non-sexual snuggling between two men. Both men strip naked. The snugee gently spreads his cheeks and the snugger places his johnson in between them, then spooning and snuggling commences. This technique can be used to stay warm in survival situations.
Andrew and I were lost in the woods overnight. The only way to avoid freezing to death was butt snugging.
by fkndskvjsfnvkne September 19, 2016
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Hip new phrase which can be applied to a variety of sexual activities between two people thought up by a recently laid off Atlanta girl bored to death spending her night on Twitter instead of actually doing a little Butt Snugging of her own.
"I can't wait to get off work so I can hunt down my girlfriend and do a little Butt Snugging tonight!"

"Dude, let me tell you about all the crazy Butt Snugging I got last night! *high five"
by The Fish from Atlanta November 17, 2009
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