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Wild animal who has a highly tuned sense of smell that is dedicated to the scent of the human butt. The butt beast feeds solely on the human butt, and generally lives alone, but sometimes hunts in packs of 10 to 20 other butt beats. Normally one butt beast can bring down a full grown human, but some humans are just plain fat and this is when the butt beasts will work together.
Butt beasts enter a feeding frenzy when feeding or hunting butt, this is similar to the feeding frenzy that sharks experience.
The only know enemy of the butt beast is an Alicia, the Alicia is a striped animal that also loves human butt. The Alica and the butt beast sometimes have territorial battles to the death.
guy1- "dude did you hear that?"
guy2- "what?"

Guy1- "I heard a fart noise, did you fart?"
Guy2- "no I did not fart"

Guy1- "oh no!"
Guy2- "what?"

Guy1- "run! a butt beast is following us!"
by scuba yetty March 08, 2009
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A vicious drooling beast residing in Gaywood, King's Lynn, S. England. Thought by many to be mythical, the evil faggot creature leaves its lair by night to stalk the streets of Norwich. Many an unsuspecting stranger has been caught unawares and savagely ass-raped by this mindless demon. The folk of Norwich tie garlic over their doors to ward off this enemy of all things heterosexual.......
The folk of Norwich fled when they heard the buttbeast's lurching approach.......
by rampagus_maximus November 01, 2003
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