another way of saying anal sex. where one has sex in the ass by a man. the receiver from anal sex can be both woman/man...usually women though.
Girl 1: hey i heard you go butt shafted by your boyfriend last night. i heard that was your first time anal.

Girl2: yea it was ok. i wouldnt do it again.

Girl1: how come?

Girl 2: well is was going fine until i got pink socked.

Girl 1: pink sock!? eww OMG OMG
by AnonymousAthiest May 15, 2010
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The secret arrow Cupid stores in his asshole. Anything stored in ones asshole for combat purposes.
Bad guy- "we took your quiver, you can't shoot us now!".

Cupid- *reaches behind him, groans "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER! NEVER UNDERESTIMATE cupids butt-shaft"
by Long Dong Silvers November 13, 2018
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