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The term 'Butt Nugget Turdies', derives from three english words; Butt (Buttock; origin of shit); Nugget (Shape of shit); and Turdies (Just another term for shit).

Together, we have an amusing little term that just means, a steaming shit (presumably hard).
Gangster 1: Yo man, my crack's comin' up with something FUNKY.

Gangster 2: Ayo, I hear you. My crack was gettin' bitchy yesterday, do what you gotta do man.

Gangster 1: Aiight bro, let's get crack-a-lackin'!


Gangster 1: DAMN! That was some hardcore butt nugget turdies that bitch was shootin' out.

Gangster 2: I hear you! I hear you! Ayo, get some chow mein up in here!

Gangster 1: OH YEAH! FUCKING A's!

Gangster 2: OH YEAH! w00tang clan!
by WoW or MoM July 02, 2009
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