Taking a huge dump.
Whew, after that butt-load, I feel 50 pounds lighter!
by mracuraintegra November 05, 2003
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noun. pl. -s

A "butt" was a medieval unit of measure for wine or beer. Technically a butt load is 475 liters or 126 gallons, which is roughly the size of the biggest wine and beer barrels from medieval Europe.
No worries, I've ordered a butt load of beer for the party, so we'll be good.
by FowlManor March 14, 2019
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meaning a lot of something. probably the biggest amount ever
i need a buttload of money for the black friday sales
by zamzizzle December 01, 2009
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Usually defining a fair amount of something. The word is used with humorous intention as well as by people who are too coy to say shitload which is the more serious way to describe an amount.
That chick has a Buttload of crusty tattoos!
by Pyyradex November 04, 2017
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