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A Butler's Wipe references clean up services provided by a male after wet, jizz filled sex sessions. The Butler's Wipe is performed when sex juices are wiped and cleaned from the body and orifices of the other sexual partner or partners. Cleaning is performed using a traditional gak towel or doddle rag. While the Butler's Wipe is most often performed by the male partner in one on one sexual activity, Butler Wipes can be provided to multiple partners. In sex group settings and orgies, sex party participants often designate one male individual specifically to provide Butler Wipes throughout the party serving clean up for all orgy participants.
Reed banged his girlfriend Leslie for hours until they both exploded their love loads. Leslie was covered from stem to stern with Reed's man gravy. Because Reed is a gracious, serving lover, he pulled out the doddle rag from under the bed and gave Leslie a Butler's Wipe.
by Eaton Holgoode February 19, 2014
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