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A girl who is ugly everywhere but her face. Extremely anorexic and unable to fit into most clothes, this But Her Face (Butterface) has a beautiful face with pronounced cheekbones and jaw because of her bony-ness. She has no boobs, flat ass, and no waist (because of her stick thin figure.... tiny hips, tiny chest).

The opposite of the above mentioned girl. An otherwise curvy and gorgeous girl who has a facial skin problem or was born with less than ideal facial features. She is gorgeous everywhere but her face.
1.That butterface ,But Her Face can fit into size 0 but even that size seems too large for her ugly anorexic body, all her clothes look like potato sacks they just drape over her shapelessly! At least her face is still pretty.
2. This butterface (But Her Face) fatty has quite an impressive cleavage, but her skin is so oily that her face is full of zits!

3. What a But Her Face (Butterface) !
by Inception Muffin May 15, 2016
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