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This is for when People Bring up that fact that BamBam said nigga once 2 years ago and apologized for it. Said people forget to realize their oppars also have said nigga once upon a time.
If you don't take someones sincere apology after they went against their company just to apologize for this "But remember when BamBam" shouldn't be in your mouth.
"So, Sarah so and so said Nigga in a song.."
"But remember when BamBam said, Nigga? He said the N word and I'm just supposed to forgive him?"
"But Sarah, he apologized and hasn't done it again"
"I don't care. My faves said nigga 4 years ago and they are okay. But someone from Got7 I can never forgive"
by Todoroki Shoto June 27, 2018
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