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A "Buster Douglas" is a woman who lacks the pretty factor. They are not the most attractive nor are they desirable. It could also constitute a girl who others think are attractive, yet isnt to all.

Could also be shortened in the right context simply as a buster.

***Not to be confused by the boxer that was known as: James "Buster" Douglas.
"Man, that girl is a buster douglas."
"I dont know what you are thinking; she is a buster douglas."
"Woah ! Buster Douglas !"
by Michael Tagtren December 05, 2006
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Noun: An event, obstacle or life situation that you think can be easily overcome, but ultimately bewilders, overwhelms, confuses and defeats you.

Verb: To shock, bewilder, confound, confuse or stump.
The term is in reference to James 'Buster' Douglas who surprisingly knocked out champion Mike Tyson. surprise, shock, obstacle, bulwark, roadblock, puzzle, perplex, confuse, confound, bewilder, overwhelm, stump
I graduated at the topmof my class and was one of the most highly recruited applicants. When my girlfriend asked me if she looks fat, I said not really and she kicked me out of the house-I can't figure women out. They are my busterdouglas.
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by joecoolthefool May 30, 2016
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