Bush did 9/11 is a conspiracy theory that George W Bush caused the 9/11 attacks. Out of all 9/11 conspiracy theories other than the spongebob one, this is the most justified.
Bryan, "Aw man you hear 'bout them 9/11 things up in the Big Apple?"
"Yeah man, it looks like Bush did 9/11," Jim said.
"Woah woah woah," Lawrence said, "Hold up. You have no proof that George Bush is responsible."
"Kiss my ass Lawrence!" Jim said.
by Iam9/11 December 12, 2015
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Something that 4chan users, conspiracy theorists, and childrens say.
Person 1: Who did 9/11
Person 2: GEORGE BUSH DID 9/11!
Person 1: What the fuck dude, how would Bush-
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by Newt The Crusader Cat November 29, 2017
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a conspiracy theory created by druggies and pot heads claiming that former president George W. Bush played a role in the 9/11 attacks
Jimmy: hey Billy guess what
Billy: What is it Jimmy?
Jimmy: jet fuel can't melt steel beams
Billy: BUSH DID 9/11!!!
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by DarkPathogen January 28, 2017
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