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Driving an automobile, motorcycle or any other vehicle equipped with a speedometer, and driving at a rate of speed faster than the top speed that the vehicle's speedometer can read. The pointer or "needle" will either dissapear below the gauge or rest on the pin just below the highest increment on the speedometer.
Last week I tried to bury the needle on my Corvette and I succeeded. It has a 160 MPH speedometer, so I know I was going 161 Plus.
by CJames2K September 01, 2011
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When driving in a car or riding a motorcycle or crotch rocket and stopped at a red light or simply just driving, the driver will floor the gas pedal and gain a burst of speed, passing other drivers as they do it. Refers to the tachometer which measures the engines RPMs and the fuel gauge.
"When its raining, I like to bury the needle so that the tires slip"
by Cartmaniac June 28, 2009
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