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1. In which an individual receives a burrito from the Mexican fast food restaurant, and the retard in the kitchen lacks the knowledge to fold a burrito CORRECTLY. This causes the individual extreme inconvenience during the entire eating process, as the burrito spills forth its contents on the individual, and everywhere but contained within the burrito itself.

2. Asking for an exception when ordering a burrito from a Mexican fast food restaurant (e.g., no salsa, etc.), yet receiving the burrito with the exception nonetheless.
1. "Get me a knife and fork for this one, looks like Pepe was BURRITOTARDED today..."

2. "Every Rubios I go to must be BURRITOTARDED...I ask for no salsa Fresca on my Shrimp Burrito every time, and the serve it with that crap anyway."
by FanService June 29, 2004
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