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reffers to the appearance of one's face after a severe beating, or other form of mutilation.
by aWAKEn March 17, 2003
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a kid with a round face


baby face (:
Lewis 'oi look its big mac'
Katy 'wtf?'
Simon 'nah just call her burgerface'
Katy 'why?'
Oli 'coz you have a round face'
by burgerface January 02, 2008
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A name used to describe someone whose face becomes red, bloated, and sweaty when they get too intoxicated.
You better take Zach's keys, he is a total burger face right now.
by CaptainRon19 February 08, 2011
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when you're so drunk - you pass out on a hamburger at Wendy's and then puke everywhere; to have food on ur forehead when you're intoxicated
Steph was burgerfaced tonight after 3 glasses of pure dry gin!
by Chris & Maia July 13, 2002
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