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Pronounced with the "oe" sounding like a rolled "R", Buoelb is the extra layer of fat you carry around. Buoelb has different meanings when an "ly" is added to the end, see Buoelby. Also see Buoelb Master. It is very important to use the rolled R sound otherwise it will sound like "Belb" or "Burb" or "Bu-you-el-by" That is not proper use and you will come off sounding like a complete Dumb-Ass! It is said in one smooth go.
"Man I've got a lot of buoelb!"
"Look at that Buoelb over there!"
"Im feelin' the buoelb."
"Dude your Buoelb is showing!"
by Wildstar January 12, 2006
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