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A Bunyard ( Adj: Bun-yard ) A person who lives in a shithole. A Bunyard does not care about personal appearances. In fact they will choose to dress in a way that they are hidden amongst their own filth within their burrow.

The term Bunyard derives from ancient texts within Saxon times and refers to the fact that food was thrown into the 'yard' or more appropiate named courtyard.

As time past anyone of a much higher standing then commented on the fact that food was littering and the stench was bad.

More to date a Bunyard will more commonly be found in poor dietry health and will usually be obese. This is because of the amount of buns and cakes they eat.

Most frequently they will wear the same outfits for several weeks, this enables them to use the maximum amount of cloth that can be used to wipe their mouths and drop food down.

YOu will always notice a Bunyard firstly by a very foul odour lingering in the air.
OMG!!! What's that stench?
Oh, that must be a Bunyard
by Jooodles August 24, 2011
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