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Bunny Antonio

is the rare version of the italian/mexican casanova.

The Bunny Antonio Aguilar is so far the only speciment of the Bunny Antonio we know about today, and he's trapped and caught by Bunny Kamile.(lucky biatch).

Bunny Antonio is known for being shy, quiet and closed as a person, but if you stick around, you'll see that he is the most
cute, cuddly, caring and loving casanova you'll ever meet.

And if youre lucky enough to trap him in bed, you better prepare for the most brainblowing fuck ever!

Also make sure you got supplies of lube, toiletpaper, plastic elf ears and some dried fish
before you go on a date with a Bunny Antonio.

*bunny nose*

Watch out!

Bunny Antonio will bunnyfuck and cuddle you to PIECES!
by Honeybum March 08, 2009
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