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A character from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, though currently exclusive to the American adaptations (cartoon, comics). She's a young rabbit who was partially roboticized by Dr. Robotnik and now possesses a strong cybernetic left arm and two cybernetic legs, the latter of which have been retrofitted with thrusters, enabling her to fly. She speaks with a(n inexplicable) Southern American accent, is an elite Freedom Fighter and is one of Sonic's best buds. When she first appeared in SatAM she was kind of stout and cute, like one would expect a cartoon rabbit to be, but Archie comics later refined her design and aged her a couple of years, and she's actually kind of hot now.
Bunnie Rabbot is not a misspelling! It's a Sonic character! I know damn well how to spell "bunny rabbit".
by Gijy Tiwit June 03, 2007
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