A small market town in Suffolk. It's high school competes its high results with its close neighbour high school in beccles.
"I come from Bungay, Suffolk"
by Bungarian October 12, 2009
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The Greatest Burn known to man. you may also add bungays mom.
Matt: hey drew your a fag
Andrew:ur a bitch.
Matt:Ur Fat
Andrew: Ur a bungay
Matt: shit...
by Roddie Cameron June 14, 2008
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"My bungay was leaping across the grass like a beautiful butterfly"
by Rhyspali July 19, 2005
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Lauren Bungay- A pig like girl that when laughs its nose resembles a boner and tends to snort in mid-laugh. Also a person that likes to 'fart' in inappropriate times such as mid-conversation when it has gone quiet.
Emma: GOD that girl is such a Lauren Bungay, just look at her nose

Elise: she is as well her nose is making me laugh

Emma: I know HAHA it looks like a boner, she's like a pig
by 50 cent <3 April 05, 2010
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