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Sitting on your friends nose with no pants on.
Optimal bundy clock will leave skid mark on tip of victims nose.
Derived from the punch in card slot system invented by Slate Rock and Gravel Company and used by Fred Flintstone.
So named due to the similarities between the sliding of the bundy card into the slot and the sliding of the nose into the sphincter as well as the crunch that can be heard when performed correctly.

Can also be done by hired employee who may posses added the std factor that one may want to pass on to their victim for added retribution.
I saw the photo of you tea baggin me at that party. Funny, original, creative.
Really great stuff, I tried something a little different but if watching too much Dane Cook hadn't killed your sense of smell by yelling at you that way he does you would know there is a smudge of shit on your nose right now, not as much as there was; seems you're not the most anal face cleaner (lolPUN)

There's a fb fan page, twitter feed and something called the bundy the baggers united.
Video of the Bundy Clocking on request.

Also, google images is full of photographic evidence of your nose sliding up into my ass crack which had been prepared earlier. Two particularly gruesome shits taken over 3 hours, 1st is lightly wiped, 2nd no wipe.

Don't ever put your balls in the mouth of a passed out individual again you sexually confused quasi rapist.

I'll find you and sit on your nose until I am satisfied with the amount of shit left on your nose as well as the shape, consistency and aesthetic appeal of the shit smudge.
This particular Bundy Clock came with a complimentary dangle berry courtesy of my neighbours dog type animal.
Expect to sneeze shit for 4-6 wks with possible pink eye like symptoms and some kind of hoof infection.

A small permanently inked smudge in a shitish colour and you will avoid further clockage..
by Professor Beatnik April 10, 2011
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