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The face a woman or man makes when having painful anal sex, characterised by a wide open mouth or gritted teeth, eyes wide open and general redness.
Doggy style in front of a mirror, stick your dick in that ass and watch that anal face!
by InfiniteL February 27, 2008
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analface is a person who has a face which looks like an anus
yo m8 look at that analface , i wouldnt go near her with a 10ft bardge pole
by csmooth21 September 01, 2010
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A specific facial expression caused by the insertion of a penis or another firm and long object. Rumours says that the anal face of a person is as unique as their own finger prints, if not even more.

Many people of the younger generation have agreed that the decision whether they are to keep their girlfriend or not is determined by their anal face.

Science has shown that there is in fact a certain muscle that gets tingled when insertion happens. This muscle flexes and the anal face appears. The strength of this muscle differs from person to person.

Not only women posses the anal face.
"I was with Jessy last night. I saw her anal face for the first time. Beautiful"

"Kim's anal face is seriously terrifying. I liked her so much, but i have to leave her now"

"I saw her anal face last night. It totally caused my penis to de-erect"
by The Crazy Madman November 01, 2011
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sumone who has an face like an ass
whoa jamie has 1 good lookin anal face but wots all the white stuff on it
by bob February 17, 2004
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