Perhaps someone who is both a fascist and a bully. However, the word "bully" in this case is most likely intended to be exclusively paired up with the word "boy", making a word whose meaning may simply be a generic insult.

British in origin.
"The Bank is run by fascist bully boys!"
by Asura October 26, 2004
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A bully who baits people into bullying them. If they respond by saying their a bully they just make remarks about you being fragile or a cry baby etc. However, if you respond they will claim YOU are the one doing the bullying. no matter which way you go with it they will either claim you are bully or that you are a fragile cry baby.

Bully Boy: Why are you shouting at me? You're frightening me....look everyone about how aggressive he's being!!
Normal Person: You keep punching me in the arm and back, repeatedly and you WON'T stop!!
***Bully Boy Gets slap in the face***
Bully Boy: Waaahhhaaa....he hit me...look everyone...he's so aggressive.


Normal Person: Stop doing that, you're being overly aggressive.
Bully Boy: Boo-Hoo, you're such a cry baby!! Do you want your mother??
by creality December 20, 2022
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