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When White Society brain-washes one into believing that everything in this country is Golden. Got Blacks using skin cream lighteners while their Bitches pay money and get spray tans, cook in the sun getting skin cancer and laying in tanning booths. Blacks rank on each other for having Big Lips while White people get theirs injected by Freak ass Docs like Arney. Got Michael Cutting off his nose and Bleaching his body. Immigrants get more respect than Citizens. Blame all this Countries fucked us Shit on Pres. Obama, while Bush gets owned on Jim Beam. "Bullshit Society"
When Juan Williams got fired from NPR for talking to Bill O' Reilly regarding Muslims in this country; Bullshit Society. Society persecutes minority drug addicts while Lindsey Lohan keeps getting Probation; Bullshit Society.
by Keepingit onehundred October 23, 2010
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